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Our logos are all vector based which means the logo quality is never compromised. Your logo will be used to display your company on various print media. From printing onto T-shirts to car signage. No matter the size of your printed media the logo design keeps its quality.

Logo Designer Durban:

We create fantastic looking websites and logos. The team at Website Brothers offer years of experience when creating a logo concept and design. Our logos start with the needs of our clients but they finish with our professional input. We have created hundreds of logos and every single one of them are unique in their own way. We are based in Durban but have created logos for clients in Johannesburg, Cape Town and even the UK.

Logo Design Packages:


Logo package one includes the following:

We have created a package for small companies to get the quality work done at a decent entry level price. We create one concept which we propose to our clients. This concept is reviewed for changes and we allow for three edits the logo concept. We find if preparing the clients information before creating the first logo concept, we achieve cost effective results.

Logo package two includes the following:

We create three logo concepts and allow for three logo edits per logo. This package allows for alot more creativity and best results are achieved with atleast three concepts. Our clients makes their decision with confidence in being able to review three logo concepts. Our logo designers enjoy creating unique logos that will stand and grow with our clients, that is why this package is most popular.

Logo package three includes the following:

We have a special concept package which is normally used for larger companies looking to redesign their logo. For this we create five concepts and allow for 3 edits per concept. This ensures maximum flexibility for our clients needing multiple concepts to preview.

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