8 Incredible FREE Digital Tools

FREE Digital Tools to Simplify Your Digital Projects

No business is exempt from the pressure of having to constantly come up with new and improved digital content to maintain relevancy, communicate with team members, and entice new, potential customers. Luckily we live in an age where we have an overabundance of digital tools at our fingertips.

But with so many online tools available, how do you choose which ones are worth taking the time to download and figure out how to use?

Below we have listed 8 incredible digital tools which are easy and practical to use, as well as absolutely free!


Need to design a poster or infographic? Need to edit a photo to post on your social media? CANVA offers both web and mobile versions which allow you to create cohesive designs that fit your brand identity within minutes. CANVA is great for creating personal designs such as e-card, invitations and collages.

Cloud App

Cloud App provides a quick and simple way to record your screen as video, using both your voice and face. This app is incredible as an alternative to online meetings. Simply record your message using Cloud App and send to your team members.


Struggling to find the perfect font for your project? FontSpark is an easy-to-access font directory that generates ideal fonts for certain word formations, making it great for finding fonts for headings as well as discovering new fonts that you can use throughout your digital projects.


Why is finding a good image resizer always so difficult? Well, with PROMO, you no longer need to struggle. PROMO offers a quick and easy way to resize your images to fit your project needs.


Looking for amazing stock images? Pexels is a highly underrated stock images site which offers a diverse range of different stock images for free. Finding the perfect image couldn’t be easier.


Removebg is a fantastic app for removing image backgrounds. Cut people or objects out of an image and place them against a more exciting background in no time at all!


Unsplash is a popular stock image site and is a great place to search for corporate-style images as well as creative photography which can be used for your digital project’s needs for free. Unsplash has been around for many years and has garnered a great reputation for itself.


Anything PDF-related can be done on the iLovePDF site for free, this includes merging PDFs, splitting PDFs, compressing PDFs, converting PDFs and editing PDFs. If you’ve ever struggled with a PDF document, this is the site for you!

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