Advertise on Google today!

Advertising your business these days involves choosing carefully from a multitude of options and this can be very daunting and difficult. However, on the other hand it can be very easy with help from the right marketing agency. We have a bulletproof method of making your business heard. Advertise on google. As more and more people today are using Google to search for products and services. Front page top listing on Google for your product or services is what we talking about.

  1. Choose your own budget as little as R500.00 a month
  2. Only pay when a client is directed to your website
  3. Choose the area you want to advertise in ie: Hillcrest, Kloof, Westville, Durban…
  4. Track your progress weekly and compare results with website stats using tools such as Google Analytics.
  5. Top page exposure guaranteed within 48 hours

Here is how Google AdWords work in English:

Google has set up a way for you to pay them and they will allow you to advertise on there search engine on the front page at the top of the website called Google. You ever look for something and use Google to find it? Well, most of you would answer yes to that question. This is why it’s so important to be at the top on the front page of Google when a potential client is looking for your service or product.

So let’s say you own a company that offers a service where you build jungle gyms for example. I am using this example because we did advertising for a company that did exactly that and they asked us to help them with advertising online, so all stats I display here are real. They had a budget of R600.00 a month. Below is a screen shot of there position on the first page of Google as you can see its number one.

  • They had a total of 103 clicks: this means that in one month 103 people visited their website after searching for wooden jungle gyms.
  • They had 747 impressions: this means they had a possible 747 people type in wooden jungle gyms but did not click their add.
  • Cost per click was R5.54: basically every time someone clicked on there add they used R5.54 from there R600 budget.
  • Total expense was R570.18 for the month leaving R30.00 credit for the following month.


So over 700 people typed in wooded jungle gyms that month over 100 visited the client’s website and we confirmed that 3 clients ordered wooden jungle gyms as a direct result of adverting on Google that month. That is how simple it is to put your business on Google. Please contact us for our fees on setting up an account like this for you. Every day we sign up people on Google and they could be your competition do not get left behind be the first to make a change today.