Computer Repairs Durban

Computer Repairs Durban – Umhlanga

Computer repairs Durban – Computer Memory (RAM) upgrade – Bring your computer in for us to check the RAM upgrade needed. Our computer repairs staff will assist and asses the PC repair needed based on a free evaluation.

Computer repairs is our specialty. We service and repair all computers and laptops. Laptop repairs are done in Durban at our repair centre in Umhlanga. Laptop and computer upgrades are done within 48 hours. Other shops in Durban offer various services but we offer all back up services. Our computer stores in Durban all have trained staff to help with all computer repairs and laptop repairs.

Laptop Screen Repairs Durban

We also replace laptop screens and can order for most laptop screens to repair screens. Laptop screens repairs take up too weeks to get your screen repaired.

Hard drive upgrade: Today’s hardrive’s are been used more today than ever and extra space is required to make your computer function properly.

Laptop repairs Durban:

We also repair laptops, check RAM upgrade hardrive’s space, Service laptops for extended life.

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