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Business Cards Durban

We pride ourselves in providing quality business cards to our clients in Durban and around the South Africa having been printing cards for over 11 years. We have various business cards that can be ordered online from our website. The most common business card is the standard card with a varnish finish. Enhancing the quality of the print, all of our business cards are litho printed on various thickness quality board. We deliver anywhere in South Africa.

Double Sided Business Cards

Our double sided business cards are very much like our single sided cards they have full colour print on both sides of the business card. So if you need extra space and don’t want to pay double then why not take our double sided business card option. You will only get varnish one side of the business card.

Top Quality Business Cards

If you are looking for high quality business cards, the Matt laminate or SPOT UV are what you are looking for. We laminate our business cards both sides to seal in the litho printed artwork. This gives the business card a slick finish that makes the business card a proud part of your branding for your company. SPOT UV is very similar to our Matt laminate cards however you may choose a part of the card to be gloss- For example, your logo.

Our plastic business cards are top quality cards that will stun your clients. The cards are printed onto PVC plastic. You may go for either a white plastic or transparent. There are various types of plastic business cards so give us a call for a quote.

Business Card Artwork:

We offer business card design services at a cost of R550,00. All we will need from you is a high quality logo file for your company, an idea of how you would like your design to look and the details you would like displayed.

Our Order Process:

Firstly, you need to choose a business card from our selection below

> From there we will quote you on the quantity and whether you need artwork done or not

> If you are satisfied with the quote we will put through your artwork and order for print following your approval

> Print lead time takes from 10 to 14 working days to be delivered.

Our Most Popular Business Cards:

White Gloss Business Cards

Full Colour Standard Business Cards

business cards durban
Quantity: Price: 1 Sided Price: 2 Sided
50 R 130.00 R 230.00
100 R 150.00 R 250.00
250 R 255.00 R 350.00
500 R 455.00 R 690.00
1000 R 920.00 R 1,370.00

Matt Laminated Business Cards

350gsm Gloss Paper, Matte Lamination.

matt business cards durban
Quantity: Price: 1 Sided Price: 2 Sided
50 R 300.00 R 475.00
100 R 350.00 R 545.00
250 R 455.00 R 685.00
500 R 880.00 R 1,320.00
1000 R 1,750.00 R 2,625.00

Spot UV 270 GSM Business Cards

270gsm board, Matt Lamination and UV spot Varnish (One side only).

spot uv cards durban
Quantity: Price: 1 Sided Price: 2 Sided
200 R 770.00 R 920.00
500 R 1,800.00 R 2,050.00
1000 R 3,540.00 R 4,100.00

Spot UV 300 GSM Business Cards

300gsm board, double sided Matt Lamination and double sided UV spot Varnish.

spot uv business cards
Quantity: Price: 1 Sided Price: 2 Sided
200 R 1,650.00 R 1,840.00
500 R 1,930.00 R 2,120.00
1000 R 3,850.00 R 4,240.00


500gsm Plastic Board. VIP card can be made with variable data on it and can be used on all kinds of documents. Such as, Consumer Discount Cards, VIP Cards, Parking Cards and Identification Cards.

vip business cards
Quantity: 500gsm 2 Sided
500 R 3,520.00 N/A
1000 R 7,040.00 N/A
1500 R 10,560.00 N/A
2000 R 14,100.00 N/A

Swing Tag Single Sided – Standard

350gsm Gloss paper cards with one punched hole

Swing tag
Quantity: Price: Price: 2 Sided
50 R 385.00 R 420.00
100 R 410.00 R 460.00
250 R 560.00 R 770.00
500 R 1,120.00 R 1,540.00